Using Granular's system of sub-meters along with its personalized data analysis tools, users can easily view live and historical data, optimize operations, and save money on energy costs in their facilities. A mixture of easy to install hardware and intuitive, automatic analytics takes the hassle out of energy management, enabling manufacturing customers to save time, money, and energy.

Bringing Sub-Metering and Analysis Together

Granular combines granular sub-metering and easy-to-use analysis tools in a smart, intuitive way. Install our patent-pending, wireless meters and hub, and see your usage within minutes. All collected energy data is analyzed and presented on a personalized web-based dashboard where users can login and access their real-time and historical energy usage.

Data Collection and Analysis

At the heart of Granular's power monitoring system is a data analysis engine that sifts through data collected in manufacturing facilities. The analyzed data from a facility is stored in our cloud based dashboard which can also provide many services including:

  • Real-time recommandations
  • Energy-saving tips
  • Notifications and alerts

Hassle-free Sub-Metering

Our patent-pending energy meters wirelessly communicate using a mesh network and are easy to install. Meter installation takes only seconds and is performed in four steps:

  • Clamp on current sensors over wire
  • Measure and take note of voltage
  • Turn on battery-powered meter
  • Enter the measured voltage into the dashboard.

Smarter Decisions, Smarter Energy

Granular helps you make more educated decisions on when to run your manufacturing operations in order to save energy and money. By using various energy and cost saving methods, you can become more educated and engaged in your energy saving. Several of these methods include:

  • Time-of-Use Billing - Granular helps you take advantage of time-of-use billing from your utility. Changing when you operate can save you money.
  • Demand Control - Keep track of your peak demand to lower your energy bill.
  • Energy Usage Goals - Set goals to lower you energy usage by weeks, months, or years.
  • Getting Involved - Get employees engaged with lowering costs and being more responsible.

Track Equipment Health

Lowering energy usage isn’t the only thing you can do with a Granular system. Tracking how much energy each piece of equipment is using over time can help monitor the health of your equipment. Equipment consuming more energy than its counterparts is a sign of wear-and-tear. With Granular, you can detect that and act before repairs cost you an unnecessary amount of money and downtime.